Responsibilities of JIPO

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  • To contribute to national economic growth and development through the promotion, proper protection and administration.
  • This includes;

    • providing a registration service for Geographical Indications, Industrial Designs, Patents and Trade Marks
    • advising the Minister with portfolio responsibility for IP on matters relating to the administration of such laws
    • making recommendations on IP policy development and implementation in the preparation of national development plans
    • Where requested by other agencies, JIPO also advises on technical aspects of IPRs and cross-sector issues relating to IP such as; International Trade, E-Commerce, Bio-diversity, Science & Technology and Environmental Management.
  • To provide Jamaican creators, investors, and commercial enterprises, as well as foreign rights holders with modern and comprehensive procedures and facilities for the protection of their IPRs.
  • To facilitate the improvement of the IP system in light of new technologies and globalization of trade, through the modernization of the laws and the accession to relevant international treaties and agreements.
  • To facilitate an international level of IP protection for rights holders
  • The Office also provides representation on IP at local, regional and international levels for and on behalf of the Government
  • To heighten public awareness on the importance and economic value of IPRs and the need for the protection of these rights in order to earn from the commercial exploitation of the protected works.

JIPO conducts Public Education programmes for educational institutions, other Government agencies, community and business groups, and members of the creative community, as well as the enforcement arms of IP - the Police, Customs and the Judiciary on an on-going basis. The Office also collaborates with public and private sector interest groups and WIPO to facilitate training, human resource development and institutional strengthening in various aspects of IPRs and developing sector-specific programmes.