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The Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) was established on January, 2001 and acquired its status as a statutory corporation on February 1, 2002, out of the recognition by the Government of the need to streamline, modernize, and provide a focal point for the administration of both Industrial Property and Copyright and Related Rights, in order for it to fulfil its bilateral and multilateral obligations in the field of Intellectual Property (IP).

JIPO has the critical mandate of administering intellectual property systems in Jamaica, in the areas of Trade Marks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications, Copyright and Related Rights, Patent, New Plant Varieties and Layout-Designs (Topographies).

Since its inception, JIPO has undertaken several activities to enhance the development and protection of intellectual property rights in Jamaica, which in turn have aimed at enhancing and facilitating business competitiveness. This has been done against the constraints of limited financial resources and limited Human Resources.

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To contribute to national economic growth and development through the proper protection, administration and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).

To provide Jamaican creators, investors, and commercial enterprises, as well as foreign rights holders with modern and comprehensive procedures and facilities for the protection of their IPRs.

To facilitate an international level of IP protection for Jamaican rights holders.

To heighten public awareness on the importance and economic value of IPRs and the end need for the protection of these rights.

To facilitate the improvement of the IP system in light of new technologies and globalization of trade, through the modernization of the laws and the accession to relevant international treaties and agreements.


In light of JIPO 's responsibility to promote the progressive development of IPRs in Jamaica, the Office has a developmental focus in addition to an administrative one.

The services offered by JIPO are geared towards individual creators and innovators, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), corporations and institutions to enhance their capacity for wealth creation through the acquisition and maintenance of IPRs. JIPO carries out an ongoing Public Education Programme working in collaboration with public and private sector interest groups.

JIPO plays a pivotal role in IP policy development and implementation. The Office makes recommendations to the Government on technical aspects of IPRs and cross-sector issues relating to IP such as; International Trade, E-Commerce, Bio-diversity, Science & Technology and Environmental Management. The Office also provides representation on IP at local, regional and international levels for and on behalf of the Government.

In conjunction with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) JIPO facilitates training, human resource development and institutional strengthening in various aspects of IPRs and develops sector-specific programmes and projects in conjunction with other agencies and private sector entities.