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Largest Internet Exchange Point Announces Complaint Against Snooping

Thu, 04/23/2015 - 19:22
MUNICH - It was a big day for counter-surveillance yesterday. Decix, the largest internet traffic exchange point (IXP) worldwide, announced it has had it with the snoops. Meanwhile, the Inquiry Committee came to the conclusion that the BND had withheld information from its oversight bodies on how broad the tapping really was. Separately, a two-part report presented to the LIBE Committee of the Parliament in Brussels focused on potential countermeasures to the "fact" of mass surveillance by intelligence agencies. And a resolution on mass surveillance was passed by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (CoE).
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Divide And Conquer: The New US Strategy To Disentangle The TPP Negotiations

Thu, 04/23/2015 - 15:20
Burcu Kilic & Pablo Viollier write: Political leaders in Washington and other Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiating countries have set the end of May as the latest deadline for completion of the talks. The negotiations have already missed several such deadlines, so who really knows? No one. But there is something we all know: TPP raises significant concerns because negotiations are being held behind closed doors with details kept secret even from the legislatures in TPP countries.
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UN Expert Says Secret Trade Negotiations A Threat To Human Rights

Thu, 04/23/2015 - 13:46
The United Nations independent expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order raised concerns over the lack of awareness about the negative effects that free trade and investment agreements have on human rights, especially in developing countries. The Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, Alfred de […]
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WIPO CDIP: New Proposals Rekindle Conversation On IP And Development

Thu, 04/23/2015 - 09:00
Among the outstanding issues at the World Intellectual Property Organization is how WIPO committees report to the General Assembly on their implementation of the organisation's Development Agenda Recommendations. At this week's meeting on the issue, a new proposal submitted by Mexico attempts to breach differences.
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Geographical Indications An Engine For Development, EU Panellists Say At WIPO

Thu, 04/23/2015 - 08:22
Geographical indications can provide socio-economic benefits for developing countries, said speakers at a side event to the World Intellectual Property Organization Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) this week.
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Industries Duelling For Attention Over GIs In Trade Deals

Wed, 04/22/2015 - 21:37
The trade promotion authority (TPA), or fast-track, legislation proposed by three senators last week in the US Congress contains provisions that would reinforce the US position on limiting geographical indications in trade deals. At the same time, European-led industry groups held an event in Washington to highlight the advantages of GIs in trade deals.
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Canada’s Budget Extends Copyright For Sound Recordings From 50 To 70 Years

Wed, 04/22/2015 - 12:49
Canada’s federal government 2015 budget released yesterday contains several pro-intellectual property measures aimed at boosting the economy. The measures include greater protection of confidential client-advisor communications, and the extension of copyright terms for sound recordings and performances from 50 years to 70 years. “Economic Action Plan 2015 also proposes to amend the Copyright Act to […]
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Open, Online Database Of Clinical Trials Planned

Wed, 04/22/2015 - 12:01
A newly announced project will create an open, online database of information about the clinical research trials worldwide. The initiative, called Open Trials, will be directed by Ben Goldacre, an internationally known author (“Bad Science”) and advocated for clinical transparency. As announced by Open Knowledge yesterday, Open Trials “will aggregate information from a wide variety […]
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UK Industry Group Details Goals For Global Patent Harmonisation

Wed, 04/22/2015 - 08:50
In recent months, intellectual property rights holder groups and northern governments have been stepping up their focus on harmonising international patent law to ease procedures and lower costs. Today, an industry group in the United Kingdom articulated some of those aims.
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WIPO: The Future Of Music In A Changing Environment

Wed, 04/22/2015 - 07:44
What lies ahead for music in the digital economy was the subject of a roundtable today at the World Intellectual Property Organization. Inaugurating a photo exhibition on the same theme, the United States ambassador stressed the importance of copyright. The roundtable took place on 21 April and was one of the events organised by WIPO celebrating the upcoming World IP Day on 26 April.
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A Look At The Huge Upswing In China Patent Filings

Wed, 04/22/2015 - 06:33
By Michael Sneddon While China’s reputation for producing imitations of everything from cars to computers continues to linger, it doesn’t appear to be a deterrent for foreign corporations as they increasingly seek protection for their innovations. In fact, according to the 2014 edition of the World Intellectual Property Indicators, for the third year, China’s State […]
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Update On Yale/IP-Watch Effort To Open TPP Texts

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 16:20
Intellectual Property Watch has been working for several years to obtain more details about the intellectual property aspects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement negotiations through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, and a subsequent lawsuit to enforce that request, which is being led by a team at the Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic at Yale Law School (MFIA). Today MFIA, a program of Yale's Information Society Project and Abrams Institute, released an update on the case.
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WHO Reviews Its Essential Medicines List; Some New Candidates Under Patent

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 06:01
The World Health Organization is reviewing its list of essential medicines this week. Over 70 candidate medicines are expected to be assessed by an Expert Committee. Some of those medicines are under patent and highly priced, which poses an accessibility challenge.
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Can The Internet Be Saved Without Harming Democracy?

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 11:34
[From The Guardian-] Citizens of the internet: here is some welcome news. Your downtrodden digital rights might be getting a well-overdue booster shot. But it comes with some warnings.Last week in the Hague, a high-level group of 29 internet policymakers and influencers – including prominent ex-US and UK security and intelligence officials Michael Chertoff, Joseph Nye, Melissa Hathaway and David Omand – issued a clarion call for the protection and promotion of human rights online. Self-styled the Global Commission on Internet Governance, the group made this call as part of the broader objective of restoring trust and confidence in the internet.
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WHO Opens Its Database Of Medicines Side Effects To The Public

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 07:58
The World Health Organization has announced that its Global Medicines Safety Database is now open to the general public. The database named VigiAccess can now be accessed on any computer or smartphone in the world.
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German Big Brother Awards To German Secret Service, Interior Minister, And Barbie

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 06:00
Mattel's and Toytalks’ “Hello Barbie” Friday night received a Big Brother Award in Germany. The US doll found itself in illustrious company for the negative privacy award with two German Ministers of the Interior, a Minister of Health, several Amazon ventures and Elance-O-Desk. The Organization Digital Courage has handed out the awards since 2000.
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Wave Of Protests Against TTIP, CETA, TISA

Sun, 04/19/2015 - 08:58
A wave of protest marches and information events against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the Canada-EU Trade Agreement (CETA), and the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) yesterday swept across Europe, the US, Canada and number of other countries. On the eve of the 9th TTIP negotiation round set for New York (20-24 April), thousands took to the streets in the European capitals of London, Brussels and Helsinki.
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Music Is Focus For This Year’s International IP Day At WIPO

Fri, 04/17/2015 - 11:10
Music is the chosen theme of the World Intellectual Property Organization to celebrate this year’s World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April. The organisation has a series of events planned starting next week, and in particular a roundtable on the future of the music industry with a panel of speakers from across the world.
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WIPO Development Committee To Hear Report On Implementation, Discuss Patent Flexibilities

Fri, 04/17/2015 - 07:48
Member governments will discuss the development dimension of the World Intellectual Property Organization next week, looking in particular at how the United Nations organisation is implementing the recommendations of its Development Agenda in its activities.
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EPO President Battistelli Tells Of ‘Patent Wars’, As IP5 Consolidate Work

Fri, 04/17/2015 - 07:42
CAPE TOWN - A growing patent examination workload and increasing global anti-IP sentiment are some of the challenges the European Patent Office faces, according to EPO President Benoit Battistelli.
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